We exchange by collaborating and getting inspired by the unexpected

Exchanging means learning from each other, working together and exchanging talents, goods and ideas. If we do this in an equal way, there are endless ways to grow and to create. Especially when we collaborate with people that seem so different from us to begin with. So far, ‘the West’ has often believed that we are the ones to educate the world, the only ones to help, and in the end: the ones to gain the most. The results show that this approach doesn’t work, whether you look at the inequality of wealth or the current environmental state of the world. We need to look beyond our own economical growth and exchange based on equality and respect for each other.

Just like our internal work philosophy, every collaboration is based on shared values. Within this format so much is possible, especially as we as impact brands want to improve each others position as well. We experienced this in collaborating with other fashion brands in Rwanda during the Collective Rwanda Fashion Week where we joined local brands to strongly position Rwanda on the map of fashion. Or with our collaboration with Tony’s Chocolonely – a chocolate brand that shares our philosophy and thus wanted to work together to promote our shared values through our partnership. That’s what a collaboration is all about, creating a win-win situation as both parties share the same vision while working towards a better world.


Tony's x Afriek tote-bagsAfriek Atelier, Mwamba making the Tony's Chocolonely tote-bagTony's Limiteds 2018