We have summarised the most frequently asked questions for you here. If you have any suggestions that can be added or edited, feel free to reach out to us at info@afriek.com

Imigongo Uniform

We created a size chart and conversion here for our garments. That way you can see the measurements of the dress, as well as conversions and the range of standardized sizes converted into our size system.

Our Imigongo uniform can be worn all year around - in fall and winter you can wear it with nice and cozy sweaters and boots, while in spring and summer you can style it with sneakers and a trench coat, for example. Check out our Instagram to get inspired by different looks!

Care Instructions

Turn the shirt inside out to protect the print when washing the shirt. If you have a washing machine, wash it at 30 or 40 degrees with other white/bright clothing, so it does not discolor.

We suggest washing it inside out - to protect the print and buttons - on 30 degrees and hang dry it. Before you wash it, consider hanging it up to air it out. Keep in mind to wash the dress with similar colors, so it does not discolor.


You can pay with AMEX, Mastercard, Maestro, Paypal and Visa.

Yes, once you order you receive a tracking number.

Yes, you can. We have a few items ready for order; however, we mostly work based on a made-to-order concept. This means the items are being produced once you order, thus it can take up to three weeks until you receive your garment.


Yes, we ship everywhere.

Since we work with a made-to-order system, it can take up to three weeks.

We moved our distribution to the US. As AFRIEK is originally a Dutch fashion brand, we will cover the extra shipping costs. For all European orders. The discount will automatically appear at check-out. Please note that shipping times from the US are approximately 10 days. 

We ship from Roelofaarendsveen (the Netherlands) and the distribution center is called De Pakkettenfabriek.

Our packaging is plastic free and compostable. All materials are FSC-certified, environment friendly and thus easy to recycle. Our wrapping paper is made from 30% recycled materials and the remaining is acid-free pulp and printed with soy-based inks. The sticker contains non-toxic adhesive, which makes them biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. We send your purchase to you in a 100% compostable mailer, so you can literally throw all the packaging in your compost bin with your fruits and veggie scraps. The company we work with is called No Issue.


Sending an email to hello@afriek.com with your reason and why you like to return your item.

No, you can return every item that you bought.

If you don’t want to switch your item for another color or size you can get your money back. This will take up to a maximum of 2 weeks.

You can send us an email to hello@afriek.com. Let us know what you like to exchange for what color or size. Then we will send you an email with further guidelines.

If your item gets lost…
We will ask you about the track & trace number. If it’s clear that we should have received your item (e.g. an email), we will refund you your money.

If your item is damaged on the way...

When we get it back we won’t refund you the whole amount but only the half, because we need the rest of the money to restore the items.

Production and Sustainability

ODIOP tee: The fabric is 100% organic cotton from a mill fabric in Tanzania. However, the sewing thread from the shirt is still made from polyester. We collaborated with Mantis World to produce the shirt. The printing was done by a social enterprise, called Loenatix, based in Amsterdam. 

Imigongo uniform: The fabric is 100% organic cotton sourced in North-East Tanzania (BioRe) and woven and printed by UWTEXRA, a local mill in Rwanda.

No, we do not use fabrics from Vlisco.

We are so happy to share with you that our Imigongo dress is vegan!

We are aiming to be plastic free, this means that the sewing thread for our Imigongo uniform is made from recycled PET bottles, while the thread of the ODIOP tee is made from polyester.


The most important reason our founder Sivan started AFRIEK was because she wanted to create an example for a new way of working between continents and cultures. After being confronted with her own bias, Sivan was eager to play a part in the ongoing work to decolonize the relationship between Africa and the West (read more about our founder here). Starting off in Rwanda, our first and main focus was always to work together based on equality. We went ‘beyond’ fair payment and good working conditions for the tailors, focusing on a democratic work environment where open conversation and mutual learning are central. All humans are equally worthy and should be treated equally and fairly, in a way that allows everyone to live their authentic lives.Through making the garments in Africa, while implementing a decentralized and non-hierarchical network, we aim to change the imbalance of power that is still existing in the global market today.

As a brand we want to support organizations that are dedicated to making change. So 10% of our proceeds is donated to an independent organization - ZetJe In -  that fights racism and support diversity, inclusivity and equality. 

About Zetje In

Zetje In is a volunteer organization that came alive through a powerful petition raising awareness about racism and discrimination which should become mandatory topics in primary and secondary education. After the petition, ZetJe In has continued to work on the mission of inclusive education through developing various teaching packages for both primary and secondary education. Despite this work, they do inspiring work on social media to create more awareness amongst people. We love their powerful mission and believe that educating about racism and discrimination in school is key to sustainable change, as well as raising awareness on how to make teaching methods inclusive and diverse. 

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

While Sivan was doing her Masters in Conflict Studies, the biggest take-out was: War begins when people see “the other” as less human. She wrote her thesis in International Political History on the Western approach to Africa and how it never really changed over the past 100 years. For her Master´s research, she went to Rwanda to dive deeper in the subject. That is where the idea for AFRIEK was born. Meanwhile, we have been working with our team in Rwanda since 2013 and our strong bond and collaboration based on equality is a big part of what makes our collaboration so great!

From 2020, we create prints with different designers across the globe to encourage cultural exchange. The print for tour ODIOP tee and imigongo Uniform is a collaboration between Crista Uwase from Rwanda and textile designer Stephane Barbier from France. Our uniform is made from 100% organic cotton by Bio Re sourced in north East Tanzania, produced and printed at UTEXWRA in Rwanda. You can read more here.