Sizing Charts


We made a garment that fits many different bodies. Every body is beautiful and we want our community to feel empowered, confident and gorgeous when they wear our Imigongo Uniform. In order to do so, we designed a dress that is very versatile, with many different styling options. Also our size range differs from the standardized sizes, it’s not “one size fits all” but close to it. In aiming to create less waste we decided to only make 3 sizes that can serve a broad range of bodies for you to find the perfect size. We clarify this here. 

The sizes of our Imigongo Uniforms are generally a bit wider than the standardized ones, that way a person who may wear a 38/40, may fit a small at AFRIEK. Please keep in mind that if your body wears an edge size, choosing the smaller size tones your body curves, while the larger size may look more oversized on you. 

We want to give you the space to perfectly fit the Imigongo uniform to your body and your preferences - whether it is fitted or oversize. As a fashion brand we want to inspire you to wear the garment in many ways depending on what you love most. 

To find the size that fits you best, you can find a conversion and the size chart for our Imigongo Uniform below:


Conversion Chart 

EU FRANCE ITALY UK US  Imigongo Uniform Size
32 - 40 34 - 42 38 - 46 4 - 12 0 - 8 S
38 - 44 40 - 46 44 - 50 10 - 16 6 - 12 M 
42 - 46 44 - 50 48 - 52 14 - 18 10 - 14 L



Sizing Chart 

 Imigongo Uniform Size  Width  Length Sleeve Length
S 112cm 124cm 63cm
M 118cm 125cm 64.5cm
L 122cm 126cm 66cm