The story of Afriek

We started Afriek because we believe that ideas about Africa have been biased for too long. It is our mission to change those prevailing perspectives through equal collaboration with all our partners, creating colorful, high-end fashion. Founded in 2013, we started with a collection of menswear blazers and four independent tailors in Kigali. Now we run our own atelier with fourteen employees. Working with African prints instantly shows the origin of the product. The recognizability of the fabric has proven to provoke conversations. We hope to challenge the one-sided Western image of Africa, as we connect bright individuals across the globe.


Our Spring Summer ’18 collectionis created through bringing together ideas and talents of people from different cities and backgrounds. We looked at the interaction that fashion always makes between people from different places, designing for our African and European customers. Barriers such as distance, language or preconceptions often hold us back, but we use them to inspire us. From Kigali to Amsterdam to Accra and beyond, we thank our community for collaborating on this collection: joining us in exchanging inspiration, talents, perspectives and ideas. Afriek is an ever evolving brand searching for equality – that’s why it’s important to keep exchanging.


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