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AFRIEK has grown into a transnational collective, that showcases the beauty and power of cultural exchanges, aiming to contribute to a more equal world. Through the medium of fashion, the brand combines design, tailoring, craftsmanship, art, and storytelling within Africa and Europe. AFRIEK focuses on the dialogue between individuals from these contrasting cultures – both creative and conceptual – bringing about truly collaborative, and colourful collections.

As misconstrued and lazy interpretations of Africa prevail globally, AFRIEK exists to counter these false narratives, by exploring new ways of working together between individuals on the continent and in Europe. With an ethical and sustainable mission at the core of the brand, AFRIEK believes in building global partnerships through mutually beneficial, equal, and respectful exchanges.

AFRIEK’s journey has started in Kigali, in dialogue with Amsterdam, with the ambition to explore many more cities and collaborate with many more individuals. At each juncture the brand aims to learn, understand and improve, re-shaping the way humans across the globe collaborate with one another. 

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