Our colorful dress is designed by Dutch designer Lisa Konno and made from 100% organic Tanzanian cotton produced by BioRe with Corozo buttons from Ecuador.
The print is a collaboration between the Rwandan artist Crista Uwase and the French textile designer Stéphane Barbier. It is printed at UTEXWRA, a local Rwandan mill and printer, and sewn by our great team of tailors in Kigali, Rwanda. You will find the name of the tailor who made your dress in the neck label. 

This dress comes in 3 colours: Burnt Orange, Yves Klein Blue and Porcelain.

Our aim is to create mutually valuable and respectful collaborations with everyone we collaborate with. Sustainability, equality and transparency are central to our core philosophy, please read more about our way or working on our sustainability page. 

Wear the Change. We are the Change. 


Delivery costs within the Netherlands €5,15, Europe €6,25-12,50 and outside Europe €23,50-26-50.