We aim to create a more equal world through exchanging.

We believe that ideas about Africa have been biased for too long. Through fashion we seek to change those prevailing perspectives.

There are many cultural differences that come up when you work together, it's good to have an open work environment where everyone is accepted and feels free to express him or herself.


Through exchanging we learn, change and come closer to our goal: a world where we all see each other as equals.



With our garments we create a dialogue between different cultures. For each new collection that we create, we bring one of our designers to Rwanda to collaborate with our local team of tailors. Together they finalize the designs into samples, closely collaborating to get the ideal fit and design. In this way we bring together the expertise and workmanship of the tailors with the vision of the designer. Whenever we are unable to produce in our atelier in Rwanda, we aim to work with partners that also want to make an impact and we make sure our production partners benefit from the collaboration as much as we do.

Find out more about the talented people behind our latest SS18 CAMPAIGN STORY

Stephane Barbier - Menswear designer

"The personal interaction between everyone involved was crucial in the making of well crafted, inspired garments. We strongly believe that it is this dialogue that makes everything possible and relevant."

Inspired by local approach we have a zero waste policy regarding African print, using every centimeter we can.

We highly value equality

We believe in equality in everything we do. We promote this because we know it is not the reality in our world. Underlying big problems, such as cultural appropriation and unfair trade, is the notion that we are often unwilling to see the other as our equal, as people who have the same rights as us. Depending on where on the world you are born, you live in different circumstances. This is the status quo, but we are not willing to agree with it or follow it’s consequences. Every time we spend money, we are casting a vote for the kind of world we want. At Afriek we want to live in a world where we pay thriving loans for the people who make our goods, and where we treat each other as equals in order to grow together. 

When you wear Afriek you can be proud for what you’re wearing again, knowing where your garments come from and how they are made.

Rita Umuliza - Rwanda Brand Ambassador

"I am excited to work with a brand that is intentional about telling the full breath of cross-cultural collaboration. There's a story and a lesson to teach behind every creation."

I think selling Afriek in Europe is a good way to show them that in Africa you can also find good products combined with great craftsmanship.


William Djoko - DJ

"People really go out of their way to compliment me on my Afriek attire and I lovingly go out of my way to tell them about Afriek’s mission statement, love for their employees and horizontal production line for proactive change."

With Afriek you don't just get a suit, you get 25 smiles a day.

JESSE JOB JORG - Creative Activist

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