The story

“Afriek is the composer of a unique story that begins in Africa.
The story about your own hand tailored blazer.”

Afriek blazers engage you with their origin, design and creation. Complete with hand tailoring
and authentic African prints, Afriek creates a personal and unique blazer. This handcrafted
blazer is the start of a colourful story truly brought to life by you.

We tell the untold

Nowadays, the stories behind what you wear are better left untold. In contrast to these stories, we are very proud to reveal the story of our craftsmen and their efforts to make your very own Afriek blazer.

Afriek makes you aware of what you wear and where it came from, a lost value in our Western fashion culture.

Everyone is a genius

We cooperate with all our talents based on mutual respect and equality. This affects not only the way of working with our tailors in Rwanda; it also influences
the inspiration for our products.

Bringing together Dutch design with authentic African print fabrics and the true craftsmanship of our tailors,
we combine the best of both worlds in our products.

From Kigali to your wardrobe

All our blazers are made in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. The land of a thousand hills, also known for its sartorial culture spanning hundreds of years. Kigali is the home of an uncountable number of tailors.

Rwandan people love custom-made clothes. They select
a fabric at the local market, discuss their favorite design with the tailor and together they create a unique piece
of fashion. This personal tailoring results in close contact between owner and maker.

We change perspective by delivering this personal hand tailored quality
from Africa directly to your wardrobe.

“Wear Afriek and your chapter unfolds.”